DNA Extraction


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DNA Extraction

    Phenol-chloroform extraction is a classic liquid-liquid extraction technique for purifying nucleic acids. This method separates mixtures of nucleic acids, proteins and other molecules based on their differential solubilities in aqueous phase and organic phase. Phenol-chloroform extraction is widely used to isolate RNA, DNA or even proteins.

    Technique Highlights

    Effective DNA extraction method on a wide range of samples

    Low contamination rate

    – Retaining the natural configuration of DNA

    – Reagents are readily available commercially

    Sample Requirement

    Samples can be submitted as tissue, cells, etc. Contact our representatives for other less common sample forms.

    Service Workflow

    1. DNA extraction
    2. DNA quality check
    3. Experimental report


    1. Experiment record

    2. QC report


    According to specific project conditions, we also use commercially available DNA extraction kits for extracting high quality DNA.

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