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    Bisulfite sequencing (BSP) method is the gold standard technique for DNA methylation detection. In Bisulfite sequencing, sodium bisulfite treatment converts all the unmethylated cytosines (C) to uracils (U) whereas methylated cytosines remain unchanged. During the following PCR amplification step, DNA polymerase reads all uracils (U) as thymines (T), thus all the unmethylated cytosines are converted to thymines (T) in PCR products. Methylation state of the original genomic DNA can then be inferred by comparing the modified DNA sequences of PCR products and reference genome. 

    Technique Highlights

    High resolution single-nucleotide resolution, accurately determine the methylation state of every methylated genomic loci
    High efficiency, high coverage Bisulfite conversion conducted prior to addition of sequencing adapters ensures high retention of usable DNA fragments for sequencing, thus it significantly reduces the required amount of starting DNA and increases the coverage.
    Broad application apply for all species with reference genome available.

    Sample Requirement

    Sample Type: Genomic DNA
    Amount: DNA >= 5 ug; concentration >= 100 ng/ul
    Purity: OD260/280 = 1.7~2.0
    Sample without severe degradation 

    Service Workflow

    1. Bisulfite conversion of genomic DNA
    2. Sequencing of BSP PCR products 


    1. Primer sequences
    2. Base calling result
    3. Project closure report

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