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    Degradome sequencing (Degradome-Seq) is essentially a large-scale Parallel Analysis of RNA Ends (PARE) on high-throughput NGS platform. miRNA cleaves mRNA into two fragments, one of the two fragments with poly A tail is adapter ligated at 5’ end and reverse-transcribed. The DNA strand obtained is then MmeI-digested, purified, ligated with 3’ adapter and amplified by PCR. The resulting degradome library is sequenced on NGS sequencer. Degradome-Seq is able to effectively identify miRNA cleavage sites from the degradome and accurately infer target genes of miRNA by leveraging the analytic power of PARE and NGS data bioinformatics. 

    Technique Highlights

    High throughput High-throughput sequencing simultaneously sequences and analyses all the miRNA-cleaved fragments 
     High accuracy Eliminate the significant false-positive hits in miRNA target gene prediction using solely bioinformatics-based approaches. 
     Easy to operate Well-established NGS and bioinformatics analysis pipeline overcome the disadvantages of tedious hands-on procedure, low throughput, low sensitivity seen in conventional 5’RACE assay system

    Sample Requirement

    Service Workflow


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