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    SNPseq is a Genesky propriety high-throughput SNP genotyping multiplex system. SNPseq utilises the highly specific ligation reactions to capture a large number of targeted genomic fragments containing the SNPs of interest. After PCR amplification using universal primers with sequences designed at one end of the ligation probe, all the PCR products are sequenced on NGS sequencer. All SNPs genotypes can be reported by bioinformatics analysis on NGS data.

    Technique Highlights

    High Throughput  1000s of SNPs can be genotyped in one reaction, and 1000s of samples can be genotyped

       together using multiplex sequencing. With one Illumina HiSeq2500 sequencer, over 8 million SNPs can be genotyped

       within 3 days, whereas only one or several samples can be handled at a time with traditional microarray-based 


    Cost-Effective  Compared to other commercially available SNP microarrays, all probes and reagents in Genesky

       propriety SNPseq assay are carefully designed or selected with affordability in mind.

    Simplified Hands-on Workflow  One ligation reaction, one PCR amplification, one purification, that’s all the steps

       needed before sample uploading on the NGS sequencer, avoiding often tedious and labor-intensive hands-on

       operations with traditional microarray-based approaches.

    High Accuracy  Thanks to the high-specificity of ligation reaction and since unspecific ligation products can be

       effectively excluded during NGS data analysis, the genotyping accuracy of SNPseq are substantially increased and

       stands out among other SNP genotyping platforms.

    Sample Requirement

    Sample Type: Genomic DNA
    Sample Quantity: DNA >= 5 ug; concentration >= 100 ng/ul
    Sample Purity: OD260/280 = 1.7~2.0
    Sample without severe degradation

    Service Workflow

    1. Cusomtized experimental design
    2. Sample receiving
    3. DNA extraction and QC
    4. SNPseq multiplex genotyping
    5. Project final report


    1. SNP genotyping analysis result
    2. QC result

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