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    Genesky proprietary iMLDR is an improved ligase-based multiplex SNP genotyping system. Compared to traditional ligase-based assays, both accuracy and pass rate are substantially improved with iMLDR. Preliminary data from multiple replication studies and double-blind tests demonstrated the accuracy of iMLDR is consistently higher than 98%. The performance of iMLDR is superior than most of the currently available genotyping platforms in terms of both accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

    Technique Highlights

    Cost-effective  Double-ligation allows the repeated use of the same set of pre-synthesized fluorescent probes for

       allele discrimination, dramatically reducing the cost spent on the synthesis of sequence-specific fluorescent probes in

       traditional ligase-based assays

    High accuracy  Accuracy of SNP calling constantly above 98%

    Medium Throughput  Most appropriate for 15-30 SNPs multiplex genotyping

    Sample Requirement

    Sample Type: Genomic DNA
    Amount: DNA >= 5 ug; concentration >= 100 ng/ul
    Purity: OD260/280 = 1.7~2.0
    Sample without severe degradation

    Service Workflow

    1. Cusomtized sequencing experimental design
    2. Sample receiving
    3. DNA extraction and QC
    4. iMLDR multiplex genotyping
    5. Project final report


    1. SNP genotyping analysis result
    2. QC result

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