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    CNVseq® is a multiplex ligation-dependent NGS-based probe amplification method. In brief, multiple pairs of probes are designed to simultaneously capture various targeted loci through highly specific hybridization and ligation of probe pairs. Ligation products are then PCR amplified using universal primers and sequenced by NGS technology. Sequencing depth and copy number is then analyzed and determined by using bioinformatics tools.

    Technique Highlights

    Ultra High Throughput Combining highly efficient ligation and NGS technologies. Simultaneous quantification of 

       copy number at 500-2000 loci.

    High Accuracy Utilize advanced NGS technology. Average sequencing depth over 400X.  Average detection CV <


    High Resolution Single pair of probes is able to accurately quantify copy number up to 4 copies.

    High Reproducibility Provide highly stable detection result, help you save cost by reducing unnecessary 

       experimental replicates.

    Sample Requirement

    Sample form: Genomic DNA

    Sample Quantity: >= 5 ug

    Sample Conc.: >= 100ng/ul

    Sample Purity: OD260/280 = 1.7~2.0

    Sample without severe degradation

    Service Workflow

    1. Project strategy consultation and custom experimental design

    2. Sample receiving

    3. DNA extraction and QC

    4. CNVseq assay

    5. Project final report


    1. Copy number analysis result

    2. QC result

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