cDNA Synthesis


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cDNA Synthesis

    cDNA is synthesized using polyT(24) primers, random primers N9 (or gene specific primers) and M- MLV reverse transcriptase. The starting amount of RNA for cDNA synthesis is >= 20 uL. The types of reverse-transcription primers are chosen accroding to specific project requirement. Usually polyT and N9 primers are used. As to cases that focus on limited number of genes, gene specific primers are used. Quality of cDNA is confirmed by attempting amplication using cDNA specific POLR2A primers.

    Sample Requirement

    Total RNA isolated from various tissues and cells source (A clear gel electrophoresis image of the isolated RNA is required).

    Service Workflow

    1. cDNA synthesis

    2. cDNA quality check

    3. Experimental report


    1. Experiment record

    2. Quality check report

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