RNA Extraction


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RNA Extraction

    After pre-processing of different types of samples, total RNA is isolated using Trizol reagent. As for FFPE blocks/sections, high concentration protease is added for tissue digestion. RNA is extracted using phenol-chloroform-isoamyl alcohol, then precipitated using absolute ethanol. The precipitated RNA is resuspended for further downstream applications. If necessary, DNase I may be added to remove DNA.

    Technique Highlights

    Maintaining integrity of RNA

    – Easy-To-Use protocol allows effective RNA isolation of a large quantity of samples within hours

    – RNA isolated using TRIzol reagent is Protein and DNA contamination free

    Sample requirement

    Samples can be submitted as tissue, cells, Blood etc. Contact our representatives for other less common sample forms.

    Service Workflow

    1. RNA extraction

    2. RNA quality check

    3. Experimental report


    1. Experiment record

    2. Quality check report


    Upon customer's request, specific RNA extraction kits also can be used for total RNA isolation.

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