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About Gensky Shanghai

Genesky Shanghai was incorporated in 2008 by Dr. Zhengwen Jiang, with its head office and laboratories located in Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, which is one of the most thriving and successful hubs in China where over 10,000 high-tech businesses have their R&D, commercialization and manufacturing operations based. Genesky is committed to building a multi-level genomics, systems biology and molecular biology research and analysis platform, so as to provide comprehensive genomic and genetic analysis services to customers from research institutes, medical centres, as well as biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to providing a broad portfolio of NGS based genome-wide profiling and bioinformatics analysis services, Genesky also developed many valuable NGS upstream technologies such as EasyTargetTM and FastTargetTM for efficient target region capture and enrichment. Genesky’s strength lies in its high-throughput cost-effective targeted genomic loci analysis capability. Its self-invented AccuCopy®, CNVplex®, CNVseq® assay systems are able to detect copy number variations at a couple to thousands of target loci simultaneously in a single assay. Its proprietary iMLDR®, SNPscan® and SNPseq® SNP genotyping systems are able to interrogate a couple to thousands of genomic loci at the same time in one single assay.

By October 2014, Genesky has submitted totally 21 patent applications including 3 PCT patents and 18 domestic invention patents, of which 5 applications has already entered real trial stage, 2 patents were already authorized. Currently Genesky also owns 4 bioinformatics software copyrights, and applied for 38 and has already obtained 14 trademark copyrights. Genesky is now offering more than 40 different types of molecular biology and genomics related research services. So far, Genesky has contributed to more than 2,000 research projects by working together with either domestic or overseas researchers from academia, health care sectors and pharmaceutical industry.

With solid support by a team of multidisciplinary experts with extensive experience in the field of genetics, genomics, molecular biology and bioinformatics, also by taking advantage of its well-established, detail-oriented, highly efficient research service delivery system, Genesky is always dedicated to enable its valuable customers to stand at the forefront of their research field by providing professional research strategy consultation, stringent experiment design and implementation, as well as robust data analysis and result interpretation.

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